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Here are pictures of Breeze taken on his first birthday. He is a fine dog. He is beginning to settle down out of puppyhood. He listens well and performs what is asked of him for the most part.

He loves my daughter's friends and is getting much better at minding his manners when they are around. That has been a bit of a challenge because he loves people so much. On top of that he was a very oral dog so he loved to greet folks with a bit of a nip. We have worked hard at training this away to great success.

His favorite toy is a soccer ball. All you have to do say go get your ball. He will grab it, bring it to you, drop it and wait for you to kick it. Then the game starts again. He can do this until he can't run anymore.

He loves going to school in my truck to pick up Alyssa. Now that school is out I am sure he will miss it.

These pictures are a bit over exposed. His back and ears are about the color of the tip of his tail. He is very light though. He weighs about 60 pounds.

We love him very much. While he can be goofy and exasperating at times, we wouldn't trade him for the world.

I hope this finds you well.

Beth Kaminski

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