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Gigi's Story

I would like to share the story of GiGi for 2 reasons.

  1. To encourage all rescue organizations to keep doing what they are doing by giving unwanted dogs a second chance at a loving forever home.
  2. To let perspective owners of a Carolina dog know that they are truly different from other breeds, to use a phrase from the title of Jane Gunnell's book they are the perfect dog.

Gigi huntingGiGi's story starts on August of 2005 when someone placed her over the fence of the Hutts for Mutts rescue organization located outside of Hamilton, Texas. There she waited for the next four months to be adopted. In November 2005 one of our dogs died and I started my internet search for local rescue organizations. All of our dogs and cats have been rescue animals and we have always found them to be truly appreciative of being rescued. I found the Hutts for Mutts website and read a brief description of GiGi and decided she was the girl for us. We sent many e-mails back and forth and made arrangements to make the 2 hour trip to pick her up. It would be several days before we could go and I started to think 2 hours was a long way to drive and maybe I should check closer to home for a dog to rescue. I went to the Waco Humane Society and found a puppy that I wanted to adopt. I e-mailed Hutts for Mutts that I had found a puppy closer to home. Several hours after my e-mail I got a call from the Humane Society that the vet had checked out the puppy and it had distemper. It was at that moment I knew that GiGi was meant for us and that my mission for going to the Humane Society was to draw attention to the fact that they had distemper in the kennel. I e-mailed Hutts for Mutts that my husband and myself would be there tomorrow to adopt GiGi.

GiGi was extremely shy and took a submissive posture and had to be carried to the car. She laid quietly in the back seat with her head in my husbands lap and they bonded for the next two hours. She wasn't quite sure if she wanted to get out of the car and when she did the welcoming committee of 3 dogs and 3 cats over whelmed her. She curled her lip and showed her teeth and everybody backed up. Once she got her space and each dog and cat individually got to know her things were fine in a matter of hours. She had found her forever pack. We knew that night we wouldn't have to worry about a thing.

We have spent the last 9 months marveling at how fast and well she has blended in with the other animals. When she comes into the shed if the cats are having their morning canned food she will sit behind them and wait her turn to lick the bowl and if they are too slow she will talk to them with a low whine. Her best buddy has become our orange cat named Blossom. If there is a chewy sitting on the ground she will wait and see if the older dogs will go for it and if not, it's hers. We have 25 acres with a tank and 4 groves of trees. GiGi spends many hours hunting with the other dogs.

I have now come to the part in the story as to why we believe GiGi is a Carolina Dog. We have a great country vet who comes to the house to give the dogs their annual shots. His two daughters get to drive the golf cart on the trails and the dogs get their shots. When the vet got out of the car he said "that's a strange looking dog". I asked him what he thought she was and he said "a dingo". I started to search the internet and found the American Dingo/Carolina dog website. Just as the website says "if you find yourself saying this looks like my dog you may have an American Dingo/Carolina dog". I printed the website pictures and showed them to the vet and he said "that's GiGi".

For anyone thinking of getting a Carolina dog the website description of their behavioral traits is right on. Now everything my husband and myself had noticed that was special about GiGi made sense. Her long neck, big ears, white socked feet, white tipped tail, her pack behavior was all right in line with the web site description. We feel so fortunate to have found her. As I was reading GiGi's story to my husband he felt I was making her sound like a saint and that I should really mention her fetish for poly fiber fill. One of our cats is all white and one day as I was pulling into the drive I noticed white clumps everywhere and my first thought was that GiGi had killed the cat. I was so relieved, then mad to find that she had chewed the corner of her sleeping bed and loved putting her nose in the hole and pulling out all the fiber fill, it looked like a white Christmas in the middle of May. When I saw the news story about the Doberman guard dog in England tearing apart all the Teddy Bears he was suppose to be guarding I had to laugh and thought how GiGi would have loved that job.

I have said enough and would encourage anyone thinking of becoming an owner of a Carolina dog you will not be disappointed. I would also like to say God Bless those rescue organizations.

The Durands of Hubbard, Texas

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