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Gigi (Updated 9/28/06)
Breeze (Updated 7/17/06)
Logan's Story (Updated 5/22/06)
Pups in Their New Homes (part 1) (Updated 7/25/06)
Pups in Their New Homes (part 2) (Updated 08/05/07)
Our Dogs (Updated 08/05/07)
Dixie's Story
Scooter Barnwell's Carolina Dog Scrapbook
Photo Page 1
Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3
Photo Page 4
Photo Page 5
Photo Page 6
Photo Page 7
Photo Page 8
Photo Page 9
Photo Page 10
Photo Page 11
Billy and the Dogs (updated 1/14/05)

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The Carolina Dog Association

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The College of Science and Mathematics at the University of South Carolina
803-215-6166 or 803-649-0045

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